Ridgeback Motion Open frame


Lightweight, sporty but with a comfortable riding position this hybrid is an ideal way of getting back into cycling


With a comfortable more upright riding position and a lower crossbar the 2021 Ridgeback Motion Open allows you to feel in complete control, whether you’re tackling city streets or country lanes. The aluminium frame keeps the bike’s weight low and the wide range 21 speed gearing lets you deal with hilly or flatter terrain. Powerful Promax V-brakes are cheap to maintain and the Shimano transmission is precise, reliable and a benchmark at this price. Comfortable handlebar grips and a padded saddle are standard kit.

The Motion is ready to be kitted out with accessories to suit your type of riding - mudguards, luggage rack, lights are all easily fitted - speak to our staff for prices and options.

Since 1983 Ridgeback has been creating high quality bicycles used for everything from round the world adventures to daily commute


  • Lightweight, strong aluminium frame
  • Low crossbar 'Open' frame design
  • Smooth-rolling 42mm wide tyres
  • Reliable 21 speed Shimano transmission
  • Powerful and reliable Promax V-brakes
  • Aluminium handlebars
  • Fittings for mudguards and luggage rack
  • Available in 4 frame sizes: 15/17/19/21"

Read more about the Motion Open on the Ridgeback website HERE


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