2022 Trek Verve+ 1 Mens (300WH) E-bike


Our most affordable quality e-bike that’s suitable for leisure, commuting or utility choice. Amazing build quality, with Bosch motor and excellent attention to detail.


The new Trek Verve+ e-bikes are ideal for commuting, leisure or utility use. With a Bosch motor at the heart of the bike and a high quality aluminium frame built to work with the demands of an e-bike, the Verve+ is quick and smooth, with predictable, easy-to-control power. The long-lasting removable battery can be recharged at any household outlet and is available in a 300, 400 or 500Wh capacity.

We also stock a 'Low Step' version of this bike, making getting on and off easier - read about it HERE

The Bosch Range Assistant on-line tool can be used to calculate the range - check it out HERE


  • Trek Alpha aluminium frame with a lifetime warranty
  • Bosch Active Line motor
  • Choice of 300, 400 or 500Wh battery
  • Shimano gearing
  • SR Suntour coil sprung suspension fork
  • Full mudguards and luggage rack for practicality
  • Integrated lighting allows for riding at any time of the day or night
  • Height adjustable riding position - ideal for safe urban riding or with a family.
  • Robust and puncture-resistant Schwalbe tyres


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