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E-Bikes are one of the fastest growing parts of the bike trade now! There are lots of reasons to own one, from helping you get fit easier, faster commutes to work or just covering ground and miles faster. They make the hills a breeze…

We have e-bikes in store – to view, or have a go on in the car park just to see how they all work. They are all pedal assist so no putting your feet up and in this way you get a great work out at speed.

Here is a selection of the key models from the 2020 model year but the range is vast and we can source any from the above brands.

Why buy from us?


We are your local friendly bike shop so any problems, tips, training advice or just questions you have we will be more than happy for you to pop in or give us a call anytime.


Size is key! we will not sell you the wrong size bike, we want you to be happy and comfortable this way you use it and enjoy it. We will help you set this up on collection for the correct saddle height and reach.


We carry all the accessories and clothing to kit you out and we are happy to advise the best products to suit your bike.


Ways to purchase your bike through us such as 0% finance, Cycle to work schemes, cash/card.


Your old bike we could look at PX against your new bike.


Free service on all new bikes we sell.

Contact us or pop into store for a consultation

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